Q: Does my child have to be potty trained in order to attend St. Paul's?

A: All children attending St. Paul's must be self-sufficient in the bathroom. Complete independence includes wiping, dressing and undressing. Exemptions are allowed by ADA regulations for a child with a current IEP that includes bathroom training goals. 

Please dress your child in easily managed clothing, so they may experience success in the bathroom.  Children become frustrated  when they are unable to unbutton, unhook, unsnap, or unbuckle clothing in time to prevent an accident.  Please provide your child with at least one complete change of clothing, so that they will be comfortable should an accident occur. 

If an accident occurs, a staff member will offer verbal guidance to help child as the child changes.  If the child is unable to follow the instructions and the child does not want staff help, it may be necessary to call the parent(s) to come and assist the child.

Please note: The school is licensed for children who are able to take care of their own toileting needs. Children attending the school may not wear diapers or pull-ups.



Q: What should I pack my child for lunch?

A: Each parent is responsible for providing a nutritious  homemade lunch.  Lunches that need to be kept cool may be stored in the school refrigerator. Items that are brought warm may be stored on the kitchen counter in a thermos. Please do not send items that need to be heated.

According to CDHS regulations, a child’s lunch must contain 1/3 of the USDA Child and Adult Food Program Requirements. This translates into:

  • 1 serving of milk
  • 2 servings of fruit or vegetable products
  • 1 serving of grain or bread products                                                       
  • 1 serving of meat, fish, poultry, cheese,  or alternate protein products                     


Q: What kind of snack should I provide once a month?

A: Food for snack (morning and afternoon) must be store-bought. Here are some suggestions of things to bring:

  • Yogurt
  • Applesauce
  • Fresh fruit (pineapple, berries, bananas, watermelon, grapes)
  • Cereal & milk
  • Fresh vegetables (broccoli, sugar snap peas, cucumbers, sweet peppers)
  • Crackers/goldfish
  • Popcorn
  • 100% juice
  • String cheese
  • Muffins


Q: How should my child be dressed for school?

A: Please keep in mind that we are busy, and often messy, young people as we paint, splash, dig, create, climb, slide, explore, and discover. Send your child in clothing that can get dirty during a busy day of playful childhood learning.

Clothing should be simple, free of complicated fasteners, sturdy, washable, and appropriate for the season,  so that your child can successfully manage clothing when using the bathroom. Coats or jackets for cool fall and spring days, snow pants, boots, mittens, and hats for wintry or snowy days.  Children will spend part of each day outside unless severe weather conditions prevent outside play.  Layers are most comfortable. Please label all clothing.



Q: How sick is too sick for my child to come to school?

A: Keep your child home if the child is unable to participate in the school's regular indoor and outdoor activities or:

  • Has symptoms of a communicable disease: (fever, red eyes,  sore throat, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, headache, dizziness, etc.);
  • Has a fever, 99.7o or above,  or had one in the last 24 hours;
  • Has an illness with heavy nasal discharge (especially if colored);
  • Has a constant, deep, or uncontrolled cough;
  • Is tired, cranky, out of sorts, or just feeling miserable;
  • Has an undefined rash;
  • Has had diarrhea or has vomited within the past 24 hrs.
  • Is advised by the doctor to stay indoors

Please call and notify school staff of your child’s illness prior to their regular start time; (970)-247-1368, if no answer, please leave a message.

Your child may return to school:

  • When fever free for 24 hrs, unaided by fever reducers;
  • With a note from the doctor stating that your child is no longer contagious;
  • When signs and symptoms of the communicable disease or illness are gone;
  • When your child is diarrhea or vomit free for 24 hrs;
  • When your child has recovered to the point of participating in the normal active daily, indoor and outdoor, preschool activities.


Q: Can my child bring toys to school?

A: St. Paul’s provides a wide variety of educational toys, games and activities. Please keep your child’s toys safely at home. Thank you.



Q: How does St. Paul's celebrate birthdays?

A: Staff enjoy celebrating your child’s birthday and making it special.  If you wish to send a special store bought treat or plan a classroom activity for the occasion, speak with your child’s teacher one week in advance.  Children love to plan their birthday treat; you may be surprised by what they want to bring.  The children have chosen to share caprese salad, pumpkin muffins, veggies and dip, real fruit popsicles, pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream, and ice cream;  just to name a few.



Q: Can I visit my child at school?

A: Of course! St. Paul’s has an open door policy that encourages families to spend time in the classroom, on the playground,  on field trips, for pizza days, and for special family events or activities.



Q: Do students take naps at school?

A: Students 2.5 - 4 years old are provided a rest time daily. Quiet soothing music is played. The children bring their own bedding, pillow, and rest time cuddly to snuggle. The children are expected to quietly remain on their cot. At the child’s request, a teacher may sit with the child to help them to settle down and/or gently rub their back, arms,  or head. After the required time, the teacher may provide quiet activities for a child who is not sleeping. Upon waking, the child will: go to the bathroom, wash hands, the teacher will apply sunscreen, and then they find a book to read while the rest of the class awakens.

Students 4+ years old are provided a rest time daily.  Typically the teacher reads to the students for 30 minutes while they rest quietly on pillows with blankets and/or a snugly from home. During this time some children do fall asleep. If a child falls asleep, they are allowed to sleep until they awaken or it is snack time.



Q: What if my child has special requirements?

A: St. Paul's is in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act, and makes every reasonable effort to accommodate the needs of each child and to integrate them into the developmentally appropriate classroom environment of their peers. Parents of a child with special requirements or needs will meet with the Director at the time of enrollment. The parents and the Director will determine the school's ability to meet the individual needs of the child. Children with special requirements have access to a wide range of developmental services recommendation of our community resource network, including but not limited to: SJBOCES,  San Juan Basin Health, San Juan Kids/Early Intervention Colorado, AXIS Health, etc.



Q: Does St. Paul's accept CCCAP?

A: St. Paul's enrolls children contracted with CCCAP (Colorado Child Care Assistance Program).  Parents are required to sign in on the Point of Service (POS) machine and also sign in on the class sign in sheet each day.

  • Children are expected to regularly attend on their scheduled days.
  • Parents are expected to pay the established parent fee on the 1st of each month.
  • Parents are expected to call and notify the school of an absence, prior to start time.
  • When CCCAP will not pay for an absence(s), the parent must pay the school’s current daily rate for each day absent when the child returns to school (3 absences allowed).


Q: Which holidays is the preschool closed?

A: St. Paul’s Lutheran Preschool will be closed for the following days:

Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veteran's Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day/New Year's Day (typically 2 weeks)
Martin Luther King Day
President's Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
One day at the end of August for staff training (see annual calendar for dates)



Q: Can I volunteer at the preschool?

A: Yes! The maintenance and upkeep of the school provide opportunities for you to serve: shovel snow, donate or rake washed playground pea gravel,  rake leaves, teach an art lesson, offer your sewing skills (there are always repairs to be done), cut things out for the teachers, help maintain the garden next spring and summer, volunteer to be with the children during rest time while the staff meet, participate in school planning or suggest how you can use your special skill or service to support the ministry of St. Paul’s Lutheran Preschool.



Q: What about severe weather?

A: At St. Paul’s the Director will determine whether weather conditions warrant activities being moved indoors. Temperature, wind speed, wind chill, rapidly changing weather conditions, rain, hail, snow, lightening, excess heat, the safety of children, and staff will be considered prior to making this decision. Parents should be sure that children are prepared for outdoor activities, especially in the winter, when students should wear, coats, gloves, snow pants, and snow boots to school regardless of the forecast. If Durango School District closes school for a snow day, St. Paul’s will close school; no tuition adjustment is made for these closures.



Q: Which holidays does the preschool close for?

A: St. Paul’s Lutheran Preschool will be closed for the following days:

Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veteran's Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day/New Year's Day (typically 2 weeks)
Martin Luther King Day
President's Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
One Day at the end of August for staff training (see annual calendar for dates)